Ibiza: Sun, Sea and Sangria

Greetings followers and non-followers, the time has come to write another blog which is prolific for me, given that I wrote another one a few months ago. Alas, this one is not a continuation of my journey in Scotland as I cannot really be bothered to write about that yet, but about my recent holiday to Ibiza.   I had never really felt any major desire to go to Ibiza before, as rumours spoke of tribes of drunken youths wearing sliders and white socks. I was never really into clubbing after leaving university and as I approach my 37th name day, I am not convinced I could even manage to do it anymore. Despite this, mine and Emilys anniversary was approaching, and the generic grey and overcast skies of the Northeast, generated a need to go abroad on a relaxing holiday. . .


A Summer in Scotland: The Honeymoon Period

Many ages have passed since I last wrote anything, but a recent burst of motivation has awoken me from a long slumber and the time has come to relive my adventures of last summer in Scotland. The future was still uncertain in 2021, the pandemic had surged to record numbers and during the early spring … Continue reading A Summer in Scotland: The Honeymoon Period

The Passage to Marrakech

Greetings comrades, many winters have come to pass since I last wrote a blog. The motivation to write had almost disappeared for all eternity, but alas, as we still dwell uncertainly in the grips of a worldwide pandemic, I decided to dust down the typewriter and make myself even more depressed by writing about my travels. I apologize in advance; my grammar is still as shocking as it has always been.

A maiden voyage to South Korea

After accepting a teaching role in the northern of Gangwon-do, a misdemeanor from my youth almost hindered me from going to South Korea at all. During my university days, I rented a VHS from the local shop and forgot to take it back. It was Shallow Hal and to this day I haven’t watched the film. Six months after renting out the video I got a knock at my door and was stunned to find a police officer stood there, asking me about the video. I had no idea what had happened to it and said as much to the officer as she stood there glaring at me like I was one of the Kray twins.

The Dawning of a New Spring – Escaping the Office

Greetings readers, I have survived the great winter of our time and spring is finally here. After 2.5 years of dwelling in the oppressive, polar darkness of the office, the Midnight Sun has now risen and light has returned to my world. The feeling of relief once the doors closed behind me for the final time was overwhelming, and waking up on a Monday morning, knowing that I would never return to that horrific silence was beyond mere words. It wasn’t white walkers that I was at war with, but something far worse, an impenetrable darkness of misery and despair which descended the moment you entered the building and attempted to say good morning to a colleague.

The Importance of Being Idle

My time working in an office is almost at an end and even with that in mind, pieces of my soul are still disappearing into the abyss due to the awful and oppressive nature of the environment. I sit here writing this tale and I can’t remember anyone speaking since I walked in at 9am and it is now 12.30pm. This includes a lack of response to the hearty ‘good morning’ I wished everyone as I entered the building. I have also just witnessed a colleague run to the printer, which is 1 metre away, thinking that it would make a big difference to how quickly her work was completed. Suffice to say, it made absolutely no difference whatsoever and it was a blatant show of self-importance.